ICE’s 200th birthday

Posted on April 10, 2017

The Institution of Civil Engineers is one of the world’s most respected professional associations. Since it was formed almost 200 years ago, it has attracted many of the most famous and influential civil engineers in history.


Founded in 1818 and granted a Royal Charter in 1828, ICE’s aim is to “foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering”. Almost 200 years on, it has more than 91,000 members worldwide and has been integral to the happiness, health and well-being of millions around the globe.


St James’s House is creating two prestigious publications to mark this monumental milestone. These engaging, thought-provoking and beautifully designed hardback books will bring together key stories and astonishing, expansive photography to celebrate the achievements of ICE.


The first of these, entitled ICE 200, will profile 200 of the world’s most influential projects, organisations and individuals from the past 200 years. Meticulously researched and fully illustrated, this impressive, large-scale publication will also offer an insight into the industries that surround and support engineering, highlighting the latest in innovation and leadership. This unique, high-quality book presents those involved with the chance to become an enduring part of the story of one of the world’s most impactful and important institutions.


The second of our official ICE publications is a limited-edition version of ICE 200, which will be produced in a striking, oversized format (33.9 x 40cm). With a print run of just 200 copies, this extraordinary book is exclusively available to members of ICE and friends of St James’s House, and will be presented in a beautiful, cloth-bound clamshell case, sheathed in a die-cut metallic jacket.


RRP: ICE 200 £89 | ICE 200, limited edition £495


For your exclusive chance to pre-order any of these titles please contact or visit for more information.